Video 114


The Rhetoric of Race and Racism

Throughout the duration of this class I have learned many new concepts in regards to race and racism. Starting with the actual science behind the color of our skin. Prior to this class, I was under the impression that race existed and that there were actually different species’ or types of people. I now know that the pigmentation of our skin varies on where our ancestors are from. People who’s ancestors lived closer o the equator in the past are usually darkly pigmented while those whose ancestors lived far from the equator are lightly pigment. However,┬áthe origin of all humanity traces back to Africa. The migration or disburse of human beings is what resulted I the variation of skin pigmentation.┬áThe difference in skin pigmentation occurred because of the suns UVR rays tendencies to be more prevalent near the equator causing people to develop melanin as a natural protection of skin creating darkly pigmented skin. When people began to migrate, they moved to areas where UVR rays weren’t as prevalent resulting in the loss of melanin and the lightening of skin pigmentation.

Aside from the science behind skin pigmentation, I learned about the birth of Natural History, which was when humans were categorized based of their physical features.